How to Build an Eco-Friendly Roof

Posted on: 23 April 2018

Having the opportunity to construct your very ow custom-build home is a huge privilege, but it is also a responsibility. It's a responsibility because building a house involves putting your stamp on the world in a physical way. In the 21st century, climate change is one of the greatest threats to the planet, and everyone needs to think about the ways their actions impact on the planet. For someone building a home, there is a huge opportunity to ensure the build is eco-friendly.
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What Advantages Can a Metal Roof Offer Your Home?

Posted on: 2 February 2018

Although there's no doubt at all that the roof of your home is absolutely crucial for your home's safety, there may be plenty of doubt in your mind regarding which roofing material is best. One of the most popular roofing options in Australia today is the metal roof. Below, you'll learn all about the advantages that a metal roof can offer for your home. The Variety of Choices Just because you choose metal as the roofing material, it doesn't mean you've got no flexibility in how the roof looks and functions.
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Raising the Roof Over Your Head: Benefits of Building with Roof Trusses

Posted on: 20 October 2017

Designed to provide longitudinal support for a roof, trusses have been used within the constructions of homes for centuries. Even with improvements in manufacturing methods and technology advancements, roof trusses have remained true to their basic design principles. New constructions are increasingly utilising trusses as the primary means of roof framing and support and for good reasons. Other than standing the test of time, roof trusses provide a number of structural benefits to new homes and buildings.
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Tile Roofing: Different Types of Underlayment You Could Install

Posted on: 17 January 2017

When installing a tile roof, most people tend to focus on the materials that the tiles are made out of to ensure the longevity of their roofing. However, this is not the only aspect that you should keep in mind. Although the underlayment is out of sight, it is crucial in keeping your roofing tiles in place. In addition to this, the underlayment prevents the risk of leaks developing in your ceiling.
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