Raising the Roof Over Your Head: Benefits of Building with Roof Trusses

Posted on: 20 October 2017

Designed to provide longitudinal support for a roof, trusses have been used within the constructions of homes for centuries. Even with improvements in manufacturing methods and technology advancements, roof trusses have remained true to their basic design principles.

New constructions are increasingly utilising trusses as the primary means of roof framing and support and for good reasons. Other than standing the test of time, roof trusses provide a number of structural benefits to new homes and buildings.

With goals to build a roof that lasts the lifespan of a building and to create an aesthetically pleasing and sound structure, there are some significant benefits to using roof trusses from a place like Heyden Frame & Truss.

Reduced expense

A roof is one of the largest and most expensive structural components when building a home. It goes without saying, but any roofing structure that will save you money goes a long way in helping with your budget.

One great characteristic of roof trusses is that they are relatively cheaper compared to conventional roof framing due to labour savings.  This is because, conventional roof framing requires cutting, custom building and on-site installation which can really pack a punch to your budget due to labour costs.

Trusses, on the other hand, are generally less expensive since they are manufactured off-site and ready for installation once they arrive on the construction site. This significantly cuts down labour expenses. Also, trusses are built from shorter pieces of wood making them less expensive unlike the large size wood required in building ceiling joint.

This unique and highly versatile design offers exceptional strength hence reducing your home's reliance on interior load bearing walls and allowing for a more open plan design without straining your budget.

Faster home construction process

Trusses are often mounted in a single day since they come pre-fabricated in an off-site location and ready for installation.  This speeds up your home's construction process by allowing for a quicker roof installation.

A speedy close up of your home's structure helps prevent elements from damaging the interiors of your home during the construction process.

Design options

Roof trusses allow for nearly any custom roof design you want to achieve. Thanks to advancement in home building technology, roof trusses can be configured to accommodate features such as unique angles, cross gables and cathedral ceilings for a more rustic look and feel without necessary punching holes in your budget.

If you are looking for a speedy home construction that allows efficiency along with a greater budget-friendliness, a roof trusses supplier should be your next call.


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