3 Ways Coated Steel Roofing Can Lower Your Living Costs

Posted on: 18 July 2022

To say the economy is going through turbulent times right now would be a huge understatement. Rising living costs and inflation are forcing many Australian households to tighten their belts. If your home's roof is badly damaged and needs to be replaced, you may be worried about how the new roofing will affect your ongoing living and home maintenance costs.

Choosing coated steel roofing for your home can be a surprisingly effective way to lower your home's ongoing upkeep costs. Here are three ways coated steel roofing can help lower your living expenses:

Lower Maintenance And Repair Costs

Roof repair work can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars, so choosing a new roof made from durable, long-lasting materials is essential if you want to keep your living costs manageable. Coated steel roofing is incredibly durable and will last for decades with occasional maintenance.

Coated steel roofing is protected by a double layer of galvanized zinc and tough, waterproof paint. This makes coated steel roofing virtually immune to rust and corrosion, and the coatings themselves last for many years before they need to be renewed. Waterproof roofing will also help to prevent roof leaks and prevent dampness from causing expensive damage to your ceilings and attic space.

Coated steel roofing is also physically durable and will shrug off heavy impacts from falling tree branches and other large objects. If a major impact does cause any damage, the damaged sheet(s) or tile(s) can be removed and replaced individually, minimising repair costs.

Coated steel roofing is also wind resistant, and many coated steel roofing manufacturers offer products that can withstand cyclone-strength winds. 

Lower Insurance Rates

Home insurance companies look kindly on homes with coated steel roofing because they are less likely to have to pay repair costs. Fitting coated steel roofing to your home can lower your home insurance rates, especially if your previous roof was made from materials that are relatively fragile (such as clay tiles) or flammable (such as wooden roof shakes).

Lower home insurance costs can be particularly useful for reducing your living costs if you live in a coastal home or your home is in an area vulnerable to bushfires. These homes are frequently subject to substantial insurance premiums.

Lower Energy Bills

Coated steel roofing products can also help to improve your home's heat insulation. While steel on its own has poor heat insulation properties, most modern coated steel roofing products come with pre-installed insulated backing or have hollow cores filled with insulating foam.

When combined with effective attic insulation, fitting insulated, coated steel roofing to your home can help to keep its interior cool during the baking summer months. You will not have to run your home's air conditioning system as frequently, which can significantly reduce your home's energy bills.

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