The Advantages of Reroofing Over Roof Replacement

Posted on: 28 March 2022

Have you seen the signs that your residential roof is on its last legs? Every roof has a limited lifespan and will eventually need to be replaced at some point during the life of the building. However, how you go about renewing your old roof can make all the difference to your roofing project.

Like many people, you may take it that a full roof replacement is necessary when your roof starts showing signs of failure. But that's not always the case. If your local building codes allow it, you can benefit from a re-roofing job instead of a complete roof replacement. Re-roofing offers many advantages over a roof replacement, which is why you should seriously consider it.

Read along to find out why re-roofing can be a better alternative to roof replacement.

Saves time and labour required to get the job done

One of the biggest advantages of re-roofing is that it significantly reduces the amount of time and labour required to replace your old roof. Re-roofing eliminates the need to strip down the entire roof structure before a new layer of roof-covering material can be installed.

Roofers only need to cover over the old material, restoring the roof's lost beauty while providing your home with multiple layers of protection against the elements. This significantly reduces the amount of time and labour necessary to renew your roof.

Minimises disruptions to your family and neighbours

You have one thing in common with your neighbours: you both want quiet, uninterrupted enjoyment of your homes. While renewing your old roof will have a disruptive effect on this enjoyment, re-roofing minimises this disruption as it typically takes less time to finish than a full roof replacement.

Reduces waste generation on your property

Since re-roofing offers the opportunity to renew your current roof without tearing it off completely, it minimises waste generation during the project. That first shingle layer will remain on your roof rather than being sent to the local landfill.

Since you'll have less waste to dispose of, you can keep your waste disposal costs at a minimum. Plus, you can also reduce the carbon footprint arising from transporting waste from your property to the local landfill.

While re-roofing provides many great benefits over roof replacement, there are circumstances when roof replacement may be your only choice. Professional roofing contractors offer re-roofing, roof replacement, and many other services so they can meet all your roofing needs.


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