Ways a Skylight Enhances a Bathroom

Posted on: 9 November 2021

Skylights offer various benefits, regardless of where you install them in a house. You can place them in the kitchen, living areas, or attic. One room that can take advantage of the attributes of skylights is the bathroom. Consider the following ways a skylight will enhance this area.

Extra Daylight

Bathrooms are often cramped rooms. In some homes, they're the smallest room in the house. While relocating your home's walls is a major construction project, a skylight provides you with an alternative. It will give the impression of a larger bathroom, even though the proportions remain unchanged. This is because the skylight will break up the opaque ceiling expanse and provide a view that extends to the sky. Being able to see farther makes a room feel larger.

A brighter room also typically feels more spacious than a dimly lit one. A skylight can capture more illumination than a vertical window because it faces the sky and receives direct light. Vertical windows often capture light that bounces from nearby objects. Thus, installing a skylight will make your bathroom feel more spacious, regardless of its specific measurements.


Another common attribute of a bathroom is that they're often damp and can be mouldy places. They may have small windows, and sometimes they don't open fully. A ventilating skylight will help to eliminate the dampness in the room.

Warm air naturally rises, and the hot atmosphere generated by a shower will naturally gravitate towards an open skylight and waft outside. An open skylight is a more efficient option than a vertical window, which is lower in the room. Thus, a skylight will help to maintain a fresher bathroom. By reducing mould buildup, it will lessen how much cleaning you need to undertake also.


A bathroom is a room where privacy is paramount, so vertical windows aren't usually ideal. These rooms often use frosted glass to maintain privacy, but these panes don't let in as much light as transparent glass. The advantage of a skylight is that it's on the ceiling, and typically no one is around your roof to peer inside. Ultimately, this depends on the buildings around your home. However, you can often install transparent glass without any privacy concerns. You also have alternatives to cover the skylight. You could install an automated blind, for example, that is conveniently operated with the touch of a button. Glazing options are also available, such as tinted glass that blocks UV rays.

For more information on skylights, contact a local roofing company.


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