Properties to Look for When Selecting the Right Paint for Your Roof

Posted on: 20 January 2021

For some homeowners, roof painting simply refers to changing the colour of their roof. And although roof painting does provide you with the opportunity to improve the aesthetics of this structure, you should know that this is not the leading reason why it is an important investment for your home. Over the years, evolving technology has bought about major improvements to roof paint that makes this liquid much more than that.

The right paint can go a long way in protecting this structure from undue damage, which, in turn, improves the overall longevity of the roof. But how can you tell if you are investing in the right product? Check out the following guide on the properties to look for when selecting the right paint for your roof.

Self-cleaning properties

Despite this structure's constant exposure to airborne debris, dust, organic matter and other types of contaminants, not many homeowners invest in professional roof cleaning services. Although this can be attributed to the fact that some individuals assume that it is not worth the cost, it is never advisable to get up on the roof and try to clean it as a DIY project since this puts you in harm's way. So how do you go about keeping the roof clean without having to spend exorbitant amounts of money regularly?

The answer is roof paint with self-cleaning properties! This type of roof paint creates a specialised surface with the ability to stay clear of dirt since the texture will not trap the contaminants that it encounters. The less grime there is on your roof, the less risk of gradual damage there will be. Moreover, you get the chance to enlist roof cleaning services on an occasional basis rather than frequently, as it will take significantly longer for this structure to become coated in dirt.

Anti-growth properties

The second considerations to have when narrowing down your roof paint options are products with anti-growth properties. The location of this structure coupled with the environment that it is exposed to makes the roof highly vulnerable to the growth of lichens, moss, algae and even mould. In fact, sections of the roof that are susceptible to trapping moisture or that receive an adequate amount of sunshine create a suitable environment for these living organisms, so before you know it, your roof becomes a habitat for a variety of growths.

The more growths on the roof, the higher amount of moisture begin trapped on its surface and leads to a premature decline in the form of corrosion or rot depending on the materials that the structure comprises. Additionally, the more moisture there is trapped in the roof, the higher the likelihood of mould spreading into the home will be. Roof paint with anti-growth properties decrease the likelihood of you dealing with these growths dramatically.


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