Reasons to Install Roof Tiles on Your Home

Posted on: 19 August 2020

Whether you're replacing the existing roof on your home or planning a new building, you'll need to choose a roofing material. Read on to discover reasons to install tiles. 

Helps to Keep Your Home Comfortable 

Tiled roofs — in terracotta or concrete — help to create pleasant and energy-efficient homes. Both of these substances have a relatively high thermal mass, which means they take in the sun's heat and thus hamper it from flowing through the tiles to the rooms below. Hours later, during the night, the tiles then discharge this stored heat. If you live in a climate with hot days and cold nights, this is ideal since your home will be cooler in the day and warmer at night. As a result, you'll depend less on air conditioners and heaters, and you'll cut energy costs. 

However, you can prevent the tiles absorbing heat in the first place if you wish by dressing them in a reflective coat that bounces solar radiation away. With this treatment, your home will be cooler both day and night. 

Variety of Colours and Profiles

Tiles are available in a wide array of hues and profiles to suit architectures ranging from time-honoured to contemporary. Some tile shapes are softly curved, while others are sleek and angular. Additionally, they come in unlimited colours such as dusky greys, warm ambers, or smooth creams. Thus, you'll have no problem coordinating the tile style and design with your home and the landscape. 

Low Maintenance and Long Lasting

Another reason for installing a tiled roof is that if singular units crack or dislodge, you can overhaul or replace them rather than having to worry about fixing a broad roof area. In any case, tiles — both concrete and terracotta — are sturdy and dependable. Their weight helps to keep them steady in windy weather since they aren't easily blown away. 

Overall, tiled roofs present a wide range of options in colours and contours, allowing you to design a complementary facade. Additionally, they help to maintain a pleasant temperature within your home, offering customisation options that repel solar radiation. 

Such efficient roofing lessens the need for cooling and heating, so you'll subsequently save on energy bills. Additionally, once installed, your tiles will mostly look after themselves. If the odd one does break, you can easily replace that unit, keeping maintenance costs down. You won't have to replace other parts that are in perfect condition needlessly.


Replacing the shed roof

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