Why Are Your Gutters Dripping?

Posted on: 7 January 2019

Your guttering should carry water off your roof and away into your drains. Your gutters corral this water and prevent it from settling on your home or in your garden.

While gutters usually last for years and don't give you many problems, there may come a time when you notice that they aren't working quite right. For example, you may notice that part of your guttering has a drip leaking out of its underside. This dripping continues for a while after it stops raining.

Why has your gutter sprung a leak, and how can you fix the problem?

The Gutter Is Blocked

Some small leaks, like drips, happen when guttering is blocked. If rainwater can't run through the gutter and straight down its pipe, then some of the water sits in the guttering. This water may shift eventually, but it'll make slow progress if things like leaves are blocking its flow.

If water sits in the gutter for a while before it moves down into the drains, then some of it may leak out of joints in the guttering. If water were flowing at a normal rate, this wouldn't happen as the water would move through your guttering quickly.

The Gutter Is Damaged

Old or damaged gutters are more likely to develop leak problems. For example, metal gutters may get rust spots while plastic gutters may get brittle with age and start to develop small cracks.

This may be simply down to the age of the gutter or to damage. For example, if a gutter gets rusty, then it won't be watertight once the rust eats through the metal. Or, if a tile slips off your roof and hits the gutter, then the gutter might crack or move out of its normal position. This opens up a space for water to drip through.

Fixing Gutter Drips

If your gutter is blocked, then clearing out the blockage may fix the dripping. If there isn't anything in the gutter, then take a look to see if there are any obvious signs of damage like cracks, gaps or holes.

If you can't fix the dripping yourself, then call out your roofer. They can find the cause of the dripping. If too much stuff is building up in your guttering, your roofer can fit guards to block the gutters off. Alternatively, your roofer may be able to fix damage or replace some of your guttering if that is the best solution.


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