Vital Considerations When Painting Your Metal Roofing

Posted on: 25 September 2018

If your metal roofing is still in functional condition but has started to become an eyesore on your property, you can choose to remedy this by painting it. However, if not left to professional roofing specialists, there is an assortment of mistakes that the average homeowner can make when they choose to paint their metal roofing themselves. This article enlightens you on some of the vital considerations that you should have when painting your metal roofing.

Always use fresh paint

A typical misassumption people make about painting their roof is that any old paints lying around in their home will suffice. While you may be trying to avoid being wasteful by overlooking leftover paint, it is never advisable to apply the used paint on the metal for various reasons. Firstly, the paint may not be designed for metal applications, and this will result in premature chipping of the coating. Secondly, the wrong type of paint can cause your roof to become vulnerable to rust, which will translate into roof replacement. If you do decide to initiate this project on your own, ensure that you purchase fresh paint that has been manufactured expressly for this purpose. Metal roofing paints should not only be weather resistant, but they should also be heat and water-resistant too.

Always apply a sealant

Another common blunder that DIY homeowners make when painting their roof is skipping the application of a sealant. Contrary to popular belief, the sealant is not applied once the paint dries. Instead, the sealant should be applied directly to the metal roofing once its surface has been prepped for the painting process. Sealants have two main functions. Firstly, they work to ensure that the surface of the metal roofing is protected against moisture damage. Secondly, the sealants also function to facilitate the adhesion of the paint onto the metallic surface. Thus, preventing cosmetic damage to the paint job in the short term. However, you cannot just pick any sealant from your hardware store since the ingredients in the sealant need to be complementary to the type of paint that you will be applying on the roofing.

Always employ the right application technique

The reason why it is judicious to leave metal roof painting to specialists is that there are crucial steps that should be followed during application. Missing any step or carrying it out in the wrong manner will translate into a shoddy paint job. In addition to cleaning and prepping the surface, different paints will require a varying number of coats, and this can mean applying too little or too much paint. If you are confused about the steps in the application technique, it would be best to contact a roofing company.


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