Roof Repairs: Glaring Signs Your Roofing Needs Them

Posted on: 19 December 2016

With some homeowners, their roofing is typically out of sight, out of mind. However, this is one of the most crucial aspects of your home as it functions to provide your entire household with protection against the elements. Despite roofing materials being built for longevity, the constant exposure to changing weather patterns will mean they eventually acquire damage. Spotting the signs of wear and tear in good time could make the difference between having to contend with minor repairs or having to opt for complete roof replacement. Below are some of the glaring signs that your roofing is in dire need of repairs.

The shingles have started clawing

Clawing shingles will have a curled appearance. This type of damage typically develops due to an excessive exposure to heat, which will make the shingles lift up and curl. If left unchecked, the affected shingles will become susceptible to being uplifted by high gale winds, leaving your roofing bare. The clawing shingles will also make your roof prone to water and ice damage during inclement weather. It would be best to have these shingles replaced before further damage can occur.

The shingles are missing granules

Another sign to look out for that would indicate your house is in need of roof repairs is granules missing from the shingles. There are a number of reasons why the shingles will begin to appear bare due to missing shingles. The most common culprit is a poorly designed drainage system, which causes a waterfall effect on your roof leading to granules being eroded off the shingles. These granules then begin to collect in gutters and could lead to severe blockages, which could end up causing water damage to the sides of your roofing. Granules could also go missing from your shingles due to prolonged exposure to the sun, causing the shingles to harden. It would be prudent to hire a roofer to establish the cause of the missing granules and remedy the problem before it becomes exacerbated.

The shingles are buckling

If your shingles are buckling, they will begin to develop a wavy appearance rather than being straight. These wavy distortions will typically develop due to your roof ageing, making buckling more common in older roofing systems. However, it can also be caused by excessive exposure to wetness, which compromises the structural integrity of the shingles. Leaving the buckling shingles in place will make them susceptible to being blown off, as they will not be properly secured onto your roof.


Replacing the shed roof

We wanted to start using our shed as a garage for our cars. We had not been using if for the last few years because the roof was in such bad condition and made the shed unsafe to be around. It turned out to be a lot more affordable than we expected to replace the roof and it's really nice to be able to use the shed again and have somewhere safe to put our cars at night. This blog has some information about what steps are involved in replacing roofs, including how to find a roofer that can help you replace your shed roof on a budget.