Three easy ways to enhance your home's exterior

Posted on: 8 December 2016

Constant exposure to rain, wind and UV rays, along with the inevitable wear and tear that occurs with the passage of time, can take their toll on the appearance of a property's exterior. Here are a few suggestions on how to improve this area of your home.

Replace the garden fence

The garden fence is often one of the first features to show signs of deterioration. Steel fencing will eventually begin to rust and peel, whilst wooden fencing, when regularly exposed to moisture, can end up warping and succumbing to wood rot. If your own garden enclosure is looking worse for wear, it may be time to have it replaced. Whilst there are a wide variety of fencing materials available, wrought iron is perhaps one of the best choices if you want a fence that is both visually appealing and extremely durable. It is less prone to corrosion than other types of metal fencing, and unlike wood, it will not end up warping or rotting when it comes into contact with water.

Rejuvenate your decking

A well-cared-for wooden deck can dramatically enhance the look of a property. On the other hand, if it is neglected for too long, this feature will end up ruining the appearance of your home's exterior. Decking needs to be cleaned regularly and re-stained at least once a year. If you fall behind with this essential maintenance work, the rich tones of the wood will begin to fade, and moss, fungi and algae may develop on the decking's surface.

To repair this damage, you'll need to do a deep-clean and then re-stain the deck. A high-pressure water hose will make quick work of the former, enabling you to wash away any dirt and grime that has accumulated in the grooves of the wood in just an hour or so.  Whilst the pressure of the water should be enough to dislodge any moss that has grown on the deck, you may need to use a specialist fungicidal wash to get rid of fungi. After the deck has been thoroughly cleaned, you can then stain it. This will renew its colouring and emphasise its natural texture.

Paint the roof

If the colour of your roof has faded considerably, it may be worth having it professionally painted; in addition to enhancing its appearance, the paint will also act as a protective barrier that will shield the roof from further UV and moisture damage.

Before having it painted, it's important to ensure that the roof is clean. Clinging pieces of debris, rust and old flakes of paint can be removed with a light sanding. A water hose can then be used to rinse away any remaining dirt. In cases where the roof has never been washed and has a significant build-up of grime, it may be necessary to use a degreasing agent too.

When selecting a paint for this project, it's important to choose one that is not only is resistant to moisture and UV damage but that is also suitable for your particular roofing material; when it comes to metal roof painting, for example, it's best to opt for an elastomeric variety of paint, which will be able to stretch (without cracking) when fluctuating temperatures cause the metal to expand and contract.   


Replacing the shed roof

We wanted to start using our shed as a garage for our cars. We had not been using if for the last few years because the roof was in such bad condition and made the shed unsafe to be around. It turned out to be a lot more affordable than we expected to replace the roof and it's really nice to be able to use the shed again and have somewhere safe to put our cars at night. This blog has some information about what steps are involved in replacing roofs, including how to find a roofer that can help you replace your shed roof on a budget.